Stefan Siverud and his snails

As Stefan Siverud lost his job, he suddenly had a lot of time. So he started a new hobby: He paints on snail shells. He also makes photos and vectors and a lot of other things, which you can check out on his website, but in this post I only wanted to share his snails, because I really like them. Of course he uses paints which are not harmful to the snails.

Leuchturmschnecke BurgSchnecke ElegantGetarnteSchnecke FliegenpilzSchnecke Haischnecke HotRodSchnecke Königschnecke OnOffSchnecke Panzerschnecke Postschnecke Rothausschnecke SchluckSchnecke SchwarzGoldKreuzSchnecke SlideSchnecke Türkenschnecke USArmySchnecken Vulkanschnecke ZebraschneckeAluschneckeAdidasSportschnecke FightClubSchnecke GuinnessSchnecke IkeaSchnecke McDonaldsSchnecke U96Schnecke

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